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Determining applicable regulatory requirements


  • To comply with legal requirements and customer expectations


  • Identifying the European Directives that are relevant to the product

  • Identifying regulatory requirements for other geographic locations 

  • Identification of technical standards relevant to the regulatory requirements

  • Primarily for Industrial Machinery, AGVs, AMRs, Servo drives and controls, and Lithium-Ion batteries

Guiding product development and validation testing 


  • To design the regulatory requirements into the product​


  • Explaining the requirements of the standards to the Product team​

  • Creating the certifications test strategy

  • Creating the detailed certifications test plan (often in conjunction with the Certification Laboratory)

Interfacing with certification laboratories


  • To ensure coordination with the test lab


  • Verifying that the identified standards are correct

  • Getting approval for the test strategy and test plan

  • Test scheduling

  • Reviewing test reports


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