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I am an Electronics Engineer by training. I graduated with a B.Sc  from the University of the Witwatersrand and have worked in Israel since 1985 on embedded electronic systems.

I have invested, and continue to invest in Continuing Education. Formal continuing education includes:

  • Software engineering, with Bar Ilan University and Israel Aircraft Industries

  • Financial and Managerial Accounting, with the University of California Santa Cruz Extension

  • Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), with ALD College



Ever since I did the CMQ/OE course (Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence), I have been fascinated by how Quality Management supports the business and makes it much stronger.


ISO9001:2015 enables strengthening the organization and enhancing customer experience. When we mange to work according to process, and to build quality in, the results are immensely gratifying, and empowering to the organization.

Consulting Experience

Quality Management

  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System at company that develops high-precision servo drives and motion controllers. Successful quality system audit by a certification body.

  • Root-cause analysis at various companies, to identify the true root cause(s) of product and process defects, and then defining corrective actions that address the causes of the defects.

  • QMS gap analysis and development of processes to fill those gaps at an AGV developer

Regulatory Strategy

  • Facilitated an AMR developer in the field of Smart Construction to get CE certification for their product

  • Facilitated an AGV developer in the field of Intralogistics to get CE certification for their products, and developed an overall Safety Strategy that protects both the Customers and the Company

  • Determining regulatory requirements for Lithium-ion batteries, and getting certification for them

  • Development of regulatory and environmental immunity strategy for a manufacturer of servo drives that are geared to electric motorcycle market in India


Functional Safety Solutions

  • Development of Management of Functional Safety for manufacturers of servo drives

    • This is a prerequisite for any company wishing to develop Functional Safety products​

  • Development of Functional Safety strategy and documentation for manufacturers of servo drives

  • Guiding product development, verification and validation, fault insertion testing, and achieving Functional Safety certification for the products

Corporate Experience

I worked at Servotronix Motion Control for most of my career, gaining extensive experience in diverse technical and managerial disciplines:

  • Electronics and Software Development

  • Project Management

  • Customer Account Management

  • Technical Support

  • Business Development

  • Marketing, and

  • Quality Management (7 years)

  • General expertise in servo drives and machine control

Achievements in the field of Quality Management that I am proud of include:

  • Establishing root cause analysis methodologies, for the systematic and documented investigation of product defects

  • Establishing a highly competent quality management team, covering after-market support, supplier quality assurance, and a robust Quality Management System

  • Creating a comprehensive and effective Quality Management System

  • Establishing periodic data gathering and analysis mechanisms, in order to always have up to date metrics and information on specific quality topics

  • Supporting customers with communication during quality crises, and being dedicated to resolving the problems in order to enable the customer to continue their business

  • Creating a work environment where Quality and Supply Chain support and respect each other, understanding that there is a common goal to which we all strive: supplying quality products, on time

  • Creating an environment of mutual respect where people are free to express opinions and discuss options

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