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Hanan Hurwitz - Quality Management Consultant


Professional Experience


I am an Electronics Engineer, working since 1985 on embedded electronic systems. I have most recently worked as Director of Quality at a global company that designs and manufactures electronic servo controls.


I have extensive experience in diverse disciplines, having worked during my career in Electronics and Software Development, Project Management, Customer Account Management, Technical Support, Business Development, Marketing, and, for over 7 years, in Quality Management.

Achievements in the field of Quality Management that I am proud of include:

  • Establishing root cause analysis methodologies, for the systematic and documented investigation of product defects

  • Establishing a highly competent quality management team, covering after-market support, supplier quality assurance, and a robust Quality Management System

  • Creating a comprehensive and effective Quality Management System

  • Establishing periodic data gathering and analysis mechanisms, in order to always have up to date metrics and information on specific quality topics

  • Supporting customers with communication during quality crises, and being dedicated to resolving the problems in order to enable the customer to continue their business

  • Creating a work environment where Quality and Supply Chain support and respect each other, understanding that there is a common goal to which we all strive: supplying quality products, on time

  • Creating an environment of mutual respect where people are free to express opinions and discuss options




Ever since I did the CMQ/OE course (Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence), I have been fascinated by how Quality Management supports the business and makes it much stronger.


ISO9001:2015 makes this clear. The concept of "building quality in" is so obvious, so trivial, in strengthening the organization and enhancing customer experience. And yet, it seems that some organizations struggle to let go of the perceived "need for speed", as it were; that primal drive to get a product to a customer ASAP (whatever that means). And customer experience is then handled afterwards, as part of fire fighting. An organization that does fire fighting well might be at a disadvantage, since it might never have sufficient data or the will to try to do things differently. When we mange to work according to process, and to build quality in, the results are immensely gratifying, and empowering to the organization.

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