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I offer consultancy services targeted to a variety of aspects of Total Quality Management. In all cases, such services entail:


  • Learning about your business goals, context, and the products and services you deliver

  • Understanding where improvements are needed

  • Discussing improvement priorities with you, and then

  • Making plans to address the improvement targets according to your priority

I will engage with your team with the objective of being of value to the team and to the business.


Quality Management

Quality Management

The following are typical of the Quality Management services that I provide.

  • Providing training to company management on how the ISO9001 Quality Management framework can help to improve the various business processes in a structured way, and in a way that directly supports improvement of and customer satisfaction

  • Identifying how to create, or improve, a Quality Management System (QMS) that is designed to support the company's objectives without being overkill or a burden

  • Accompanying and guiding your organization in the process of achieving ISO9001 certification

  • Risk management: Implementing simple risk management methods, according to business priorities

  • Knowledge management: Analysis of company knowledge, including intellectual property, and defining ways to preserve it

  • Change management: Understanding how change occurs in the products and services, and devising methods to manage such change in order to ensure continued customer satisfaction

  • Continuous improvement: Creating methods to evaluate performance of the QMS, and establish continuous improvement practices that will become part of the company culture


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The goal of Quality Assurance (QA) is to assure quality as much as possible, via well-defined processes, as opposed to only controlling quality via Quality Control (QC). 

  • Analysis and improvement of product development processes, with the goal of building quality into the product from the start

  • Analysis of parts and services provided by subcontractors, and defining methods to ensure that those parts and services meet your quality requirements

  • Analysis and improvement of manufacturing processes in order to avoid mistakes, ensure product robustness, and to eliminate waste


Targeted Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement
  • Establishment of root cause analysis methodologies, applicable to manufacturing processes and to actual product quality

  • Using root cause analysis conclusions to improve the product (or service), to identify why the defect happened in the first place, and to improve processes to avoid such a defect from happening again

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